The local borough is trying to clean up London’s red light district which is called Soho.

If you do want to visit the Soho red light district of London, you should try to do so as soon as possible before you see all the shops, brothels, sex clubs and dance clubs shut down. The boroughs efforts are already affecting the local Soho escorts and many of the girls are having to move to other parts of the town. The Better Sex Guide has spoken to a local madam, and she says that the effect on her business has been devastating.

Madame Eve has been working for various Soho escorts services from for the last 15 years, and she now says that she is getting the feeling that Soho escorts are being run out of town. It may sound that it isn’t a very important topic or problem to most people, but Soho girls have been part of the parcel of this part of London for many years. They have been offering their services to both the local and international business community for a long time, and have always done very well. Now, however, a lot of the agencies are shutting their doors and giving up.

It is not only the local Soho escorts community which is suffering. Popular lap dance clubs and pole dancing venues have been forced to move to other parts of London. This means as you now walk around Soho, there are many empty premises and the place is beginning to look a bit empty. The problem is that many tourists still visit the area, and they are beginning to find that the Soho red light district is not that special any more. Soho used to have a really good reputation all around the world, and this is now at risk of being lost.

It is not only the good name of Soho and Soho escorts that are being lost. Many jobs have been lost as well, and some workers in the adult entertainment industry in Soho have lost their jobs forever. Madame Eve says that the local government is very short sighted as this most mean a loss of revenue for the local authority. At the end of the day, if you don’t renew a strip club license, you are not going to be able to get any more tax revenue from that club. She would urge local leaders to think things through, and perhaps even be brave enough to come down and talk to people.

The adult entertainment industry in London has been focused in and around Soho for a very long time. This is a bit of London history which is quickly going and will not come back. London is very much being sanitized and the new clean London will probably lose much of its character according to Madame Eve. She has lived and worked in the area for a very long time, but she is now considering taking early retirement to open her own agency in Spain.

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