The Friendly Thing

Your basis for a great relationship is the ones you have started out as friends. Work out how to win her heart. Enhance your good traits by knowing the people who closer to her. Allow her to see your intensions by changing your treatment to her in a deepest way. Use appropriate words that would address your best intension to her as more than a friend. Try a mental shift from a friend to a lover. Take a distance step. Do the unusual thing that you do when you want her as a friend. Cut down the moments that you are together. These make her think of what she did to you to make you change this way.

Flirting is the best way to attract someone. When you flirt make sure you very smart. A mistake of making it can spoil your impression instantly. Use gestures that will play your tricks. A sex lover man knows how to flirt his woman. To enhance your skills and tactics on flirting with your partner you need to explore in very possibilities that would take into place.

Honesty is the best policy. This quote gives so much impact to the values of how great to become and honest person. As every individual have different interpretation and understanding in every situation but as long as they do believe this powerful saying. They meet halfway then. No harm will happen to you once you believe in it. Just do real thing. Don’t be a liar.

In this kind situation the intimate motives became anxious the fact that you were friends yesterday and today you become lovers. Rest assured that you allow that feeling for an ample period of time. Don’t let it ruin your first romance together. Do not allow barriers or hindrance that will interrupt your ultimate goal. Concentrate on what you are doing. Be with yourself; show to her how deeply you are affected with her. Kiss her gently, touch her and hug her lovingly. This magic action creates an open door to orgasm.



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