My Smart and Sexy Earls Court escorts

I have always enjoyed dating sexy escorts, but it mustn’t just be any escort. Some gents probably like to out with a girl, or stay at home with a girl, and have a good time behind closed doors, but I am a little bit different. Yes, I do want my companions to be sexy but I do have a passion for smart ladies as well. I find that there is something really sexy about a smart lady, and this is perhaps the main reason I enjoy the companionship of Earls Court escorts so much. All of the girls that I have met in this part of London are both sexy and smart. My mum was a smart woman and this is probably why I like smart girls like Earls Court escorts. You can always have a good conversation with smart girls, and that is just as important as the sexy bit. To be honest, the best sex I ever had used to be with my female college professor back in Oxford. After our little chats, we used to go for what she called personal tutoring. Let’s put it this way, I used to enjoy my personal tutoring with my professor.

Blonde vs Brunette Earls Court escorts

Are brunettes smarter than blondes? I have to say that I date both blonde and brunette Earls Court escorts from For some time now, I have been trying to figure out if brunette Earls Court escorts are smarter than their blonde counter parts. To tell you the truth, I have not noticed any difference at all. I found that both blondes and brunettes girls are just as smart as one another. The theory has always been that blondes are not that smart, but I have to disagree. The blondes that I have met have been just as smart. When I am together with my smart Earls Court ladies we talk about lots of different things. Normally I try to pick a popular topic, and then we lay out an argument which is both for against. It is interesting to note that women have a different take on things, and this is why I enjoy having a chat with my hot dates in Earls Court. It is so interesting to get the female perspective of a hot topic. No holds are barred and we talk about absolutely everything from the decline of the porn movie industry to everyday news stories.

What else do I find so attractive about Earls Court escorts?

Of course, there is more to Earls Court girls than stimulating conversation. All of the girls that I have dated at the agency are really sexy. Once again, I have to say that I find blondes and brunettes equally sexy. The girls that I am with on a regular basis, do have certain attributes which could stimulate the pleasure zones of other gents as well. It doesn’t all have to be about smarts but it does help if a woman has a beautiful mind as well as a beautiful body

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